• About Me

    Susan Spellman, Newburyport, MA


    "When I was young, two of my most favorite things to do were to curl up in a big chair with a book, and to spend hours drawing and painting. I have been so fortunate to be able to combine my favorite pastimes into a dual career as a book illustrator and as a painter. Doing both satisfies my desire to be a visual storyteller and to explore and interpret the visual world around me. Working most days in the studio in illustration, I manage to get out one or two days a week to join my fellow “Plein Air” (In the open air) painters as we travel around setting up our easels, and painting the beautiful scenery around New England. My studio is in Newburyport, MA."


    Fine art


    Susan has participated in many group and solo shows, has won numerous awards in drawing and painting, and is a member of the “Newburyport Ten Plein Air Painters”, The North Shore Artists Association in Gloucester MA, the Newburyport Art Association, and the greater Haverhill Arts Association. She has been an art instructor specializing in drawing , watercolor, and Plein Air painting and drawing, and a visiting artist to schools and organizations throughout New England.




    After earning a BA from Marymount College with a major in art, Susan started her career working for a company specializing in educational filmstrips, Educational Directions Inc. She illustrated entire filmstrips of fairy tales and folklore and learned the process of visual storytelling. For the last 40 years, she has illustrated over 40 books, and has created illustrations for children's magazines, puzzles, and a variety of educational publications. Recently tree of the books she has illustrated have won four national and regional awards.

    A list of books she has illustrated and a partial client list are included below.




    Boyd’s Mill Press
    Cricket Magazine
    Concordia Publishing House
    D.C. Heath
    Harcourt-Brace & Jovanovich
    Highlights for Children Magazine
    Houghton Mifflin
    Little, Brown & Co.
    Oxford University Press
    Parker Brothers
    Prentice Hall
    The Psychological Corp.
    Publication International Inc.
    Scott Foresman/ Addison-Wesley
    Silver Burdett, & Ginn
    Warner Press



    The Troll Forest, by Donna Marie Seim

    Wrigley at the White House, by Karna Bodman, Elk Lake Publishing Inc.

    Cheeky and Charlemagne, by Donna Marie Seim

    Cheeky and Charlemagne & the Great Sabotage, by Donna Marie Seim

    Tippy Learns a Lesson, by Mary Beth Stevens

    Tippy Finds His Purpose, by Mary Beth Stevens

    Tippy Finds a Home, by Mary Beth Stevens

    Lucky, Little Guy, Big Mission 2, by Eileen Doyon

    Lucky, Little Guy, Big Mission, by Eileen Doyon

    Bella and Jingles, by Donna Marie Seim

    In the Valley of the Dragons, by Nancy Donovan

    Wild Dolphin Rider, by Nancy Donovan
    Every Turtle Counts, by Sarah Hoagland Hunter
    Charley, by Donna Seim, Peter E Randall Publishing
    Satchi and Little Star, by Donna Marie Seim, Peter E Randall Publishing,
    Hurricane Mia, A Caribbean Adventure, by Donna Seim
    Oscar the Herring Gull, by Nancy M. Donovan, Peter E Randall Publishing
    Mabel Takes a Paddle, by Emily Chetkowski, Publishing Works, Inc.
    Where is Simon, Sandy?, by Donna Seim, Publishing Works, Inc.
    How Timbo and Trevor Got Together, by Barbara E. Towle, Publishing Works, Inc.
    Pinky & Bubs' Stinky Night Out, by Frankie Spellman, Publishing Works, Inc.
    Treasury of Christmas Tales, Publications International
    Treasury of Bedtime Stories, Publications International
    Mother Goose, Keepsake Edition, Publications International
    Way to Go, Sport Poems, by Lillian Morrison, Boyds Mills Press
    A Small Treasury of Easter Poems and Prayers, Boyds Mills Press
    A Small Treasury of Christmas Poems and Prayers, Boyds Mills Press
    Strange but True Civil War Stories by Nancy Clayton, Lowell House Publishers
    Draw History, the Civil War, by Nancy Clayton, Lowell House Publishers
    The Healing Power of Qi, by Roger Jahnke, Contemporary Books
    My Heart is Sad, Warner Press inc.
    Bright Easter Day, Concordia Publishing House
    Trumpet Dreams, Zaner-Bloser
    I’m Boo That’s Who, Addison Wesley
    Scared, by Miriam Frost, the Wright Group
    My Body Works, the wright Group
    Tasha’s Dreams, McGraw-Hill
    What are Friends For, Scott Foresman
    The Horseback Almanac, Lowell House Publishers
    365 Baby Care Tips, Meadowbrook Press
    Quality Time, Anytime, Meadowbrook Press
    Look Who’s Talking, Meadowbrook Press
    Toilet Training, Tears or Trauma, Meadowbrook Press
    Simple Guide to Pregnancy, Meadowbrook Press