• Drawing & Watercolor


    Newburyport Art Association

    Learn fundamental techniques and concepts of representational and expressive drawing. Students will explore the basic building blocks of a great drawing; line and tone, values, positive and negative space, perspective and proportion. Other fundamentals will be taught such as understanding different drawing tools, different techniques for creating value, reductive drawing, various paper surfaces for effect, and hopefully many other tips and insights. We will be drawing everything from life. This is the best way to learn drawing.


    Newburyport Art Association

    Here is an opportunity to explore the medium of watercolors! This class will cover the basics. The materials and tools (paint, paper, brushes), setting up your palette, and learning to do washes and glazes, wet into wet, and other techniques. A basic knowledge of drawing is very helpful as we will be starting our paintings with a light drawing to compose our subject.